Hydrogen Refueling

Calibration & verification of hydrogen dispensers

On the road to climate-friendlier mobility, hydrogen has gained importance as an energy source for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), producing virtually no greenhouse gas emissions when combusted with oxygen. However, hydrogen fuelling is more complex than gasoline and diesel. Hydrogen fuel operates at extreme high pressure causing pressure and temperature changes during fuelling that need to be precisely monitored. 

To help ensure the infrastructure supporting the adoption of Hydrogen FCEVs meets equipment reliability and measurement standards NMi provides:

  • Modular type approval

3-steps to market entry

Step 1: An individual test examining the components of a hydrogen dispenser, often flow meters, calculators, or POS systems. NMi performs tests and type examinations of all possible, metrologically relevant components of a hydrogen dispenser.

Step 2: A type approval of the complete measuring system based on the tested components in step 1.

Step 3: Initial verification is examined after the hydrogen dispenser is installed on location. NMi conducts performance tests, inspecting accuracy and repeatability, and conformity assessments.

After the assessments are completed, the dispenser is sealed and ready for use by consumers for refuelling FCEVs.

  • OIML Certification

Testing and certification under OIML R139: 2018 to ensure safety and metrological accuracy of the measuring instruments while also enabling compliance with future legislation.

  • Verification of Dutch National Regulations

As the only body designated under the Dutch Metrology Act to certify hydrogen filling stations, NMi combines its expertise in testing fuel dispensers with the *VSL Hydrogen Quantity Standard (HyQS) installation for a one-stop-shop model to provide “Regeling Nationaal Autonoom Geregelde Metering Instruments” verification of:

– single 700bar dispensers in 2 – 3 days (depending on weather conditions)
– combined 700 + 350bar dispensers in 4 – 6 days.

*At the operators request, NMi also works with other test equipment providers to perform the above verification.

The NMi advantage

With over 100 years of experience supporting a diverse range of liquid and gas customers, NMi understands the evolving demands and requirements of pressure and flow for the sector. Our engaged experts have state-of-the-art equipment to provide testing, certification, and training for many areas of hydrogen-related technologies.

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