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Cyber Security

Data security in smart devices.
In today’s world, the number of smart devices and systems is growing. With that, the number of reported breaches, unwanted access to sensitive data and interventions in automated systems is also on the rise.

Consequently, these negative side effects threaten to slow down increased efficiency and improved maintenance and safety in many fields. Whether it concerns process automation, the smart cities we live in, or our smart meters at home, the question of confidence and data security arises on many fronts.

IEC 62443 Cyber Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

IEC 62443 is a practical tool for improving Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Security aspects. However, at first, it may be challenging to find which part of the standard applies to your situation.

IEC 62443 Security Assessment and Certification

The IEC 62443 series – sometimes also known as ISA99 – was originally developed for Industrial Automation and Control Systems. These have similarities with IoT and Smart City systems. In terms of for instance its architecture and functions, it is very similar. Sensors or instruments detect or measure, communicate that information to “higher intelligence”, where a response is generated, and commands are given for corrective action. Whether it concerns running an automated industrial plant, or the amount of traffic allowed into a section of a city, both concern monitoring a process and adjusting that when needed.

IEC 62443, in each of its specialized parts, covers all aspects of Cyber Security. Depending on which particular area needs evaluation, a suitable set of requirements is available. These range from design of complete systems to quality assurance procedures on patch management. The IEC 62443 provides independently verifiable criteria to all types of stakeholders in Cyber Security.

We will guide you by testing, certification, and training, offering you the benefit of our knowledge and international reputation. Read our whitepaper and flyer on Cyber Security to learn more.

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