Our laboratories guarantee the shortest and best turnaround time for rapid market access for your product.
NMi has various laboratories, in different countries, with endless possibilities.

Netherlands (Delft)

Oil & Gas lab

In the Oil & Gas lab various tests are performed on the equipment under test. Typical tests are:

  • Climatic tests on calculators, flowcomputers/EVCD’s and small flowmeters;
  • Conversion tests according API standards;
  • Various tests on Temperature and Pressure transmitters;
  • Gas testing on Gas Chromatographs.

EMC lab

In the EMC lab we perform Immunity testing on various equipment, like weighing scales, energy and meters. Typical tests which are performed are:

  • Radiated frequency immunity upto 6 GHz;
  • Current injection (conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields);
  • ESD/EFT-Burst/Surge/Voltage dips, interruptions et;
  • Automotive testing for ISO763.

Electricity meter lab

In this lab electricity meters are examined, as well as power quality instruments and PMD’s. Typical tests are:

  • Accuracy related tests;
  • Influence quantities, for temperature, frequency, voltage, harmonics;
  • Disturbances, like magnetic field fields, short-time overcurrents, 2-150 kHz disturbances;
  • Safety related tests, like dielectric tests, IP testing, glowwire and heating tests.

Mobility lab

The tests that are important in the Mobility industry that we provide are:

  • Climatic tests on Speedmeters, breath analysers, taximeters;
  • Extra large climate chamber for speed meters and ANPR testing;
  • Vibration testing (for eg onboard vehicle equipment);
  • In house testing with calibrated gas mixtures (breath analysers);
  • Functional testing of non standard equipment.

Weighing lab

In the Weighing lab various tests are performed on the equipment under test. Typical tests are:

  • Climatic tests on loadcellls, Nawi’s, AWI’s, and multidimensionals and indicators;
  • Static and dynamic weighing performance tests (also for Class 1 scales);
  • Deadweight testing bench (up to 240 KN);
  • Extra large climate chamber for filling machines and Multidimensinals and AWI’s;
  • Vibration testing for vehicle mounted weighing systems;
  • Durations testing of nawi’s (100.000 loads);
  • Functional testing of non standard equipment.

Gas meter lab

In this laboratory gas meters are examined, for both residential and industrial applications. Typical tests are:

  • Accuracy related tests, while using air and various other gases;
  • Influence quantities, for temperature and pressure;
  • Disturbances, like perturbation tests, acoustic noise interferences and contaminants tests;
  • Tests related to the meters housing, like mishandling, vibration and shocks, connections, solar radiation;
  • Durability and ageing testing.

Germany (Merseburg)

Communication and data security test lab

This laboratory is intended for testing of various aspects of data communication and data security. Typical tests are:

  • Communication testing of smart meters and Smart Meter Gateways;
  • Penetration testing
  • Data security testing
  • Internet of things, testing of LoRaWAN devices and wM-BUS