Our markets

Seeking solutions, new technologies and creating new standards gives us the possibility to grow and specialize in more areas.


Results count! Smart watt-hour meters, gas meters and water meter all rely on accuracy.

Liquid & Gas

Oil and gas flow meters and measurement systems all rely on accurate measurement results.

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations increasingly require adherence to performance and compliance requirements.


By reviewing your filling system from a metrological perspective, you get the finest and best returns.


Weighing instruments, volume meters and load cells need to be accurate for fair trade and consumer goods.


Speed needs to be measured precisely and taxi meters need to calculate the exact amount of kilometers.

Cyber Security and Safety

IEC 62443, in each of its specialized parts, covers all aspects playing a role in Cyber Security.

NMi Ensures UKCA compliance


Ensure measurement instruments meet Regulatory requirements for the GB market before 1 Jan 2023.


The obligatory test of a measuring instrument which checks whether it meets the statutory requirements.


The strength of cables in industrial constructions and the hardness of tarmac need to be measured.