Advanced DC Electricity Meters Testing and Standards

Evolving Standards for Market Entry in DC and EVSE


Gain insights into testing DC electricity meters and navigating the intricacies of relevant product standards. Led by NMi Sr. Expert Henri Schouten, this technical webinar is tailored for professionals involved in manufacturing DC electricity meters, and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). Explore the critical role of DC meters within EVSE, specifically in fast chargers, and understand their significance in measuring energy consumption during electric vehicle charging sessions.

Topics @ a Glance

  • IEC 62053-41 and EN 50470-4 Standards: Understand the nuances of the latest standards for DC meters, including IEC 62053-41 and European EN 50470-4.
  • Testing Protocols: Gain NMi’s practical insights into testing procedures aligned with IEC and European standards.
  • MID Approvals: Stay updated on the latest developments surrounding the issuance of Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approvals for DC meters.
  • German Market Approvals: Understand the dedicated approvals required for the German market.
  • ANSI C12.32 Standard: Highlights of the characteristics outlined in the North American standard for DC meters.

Relevant Audience:

  • DC Electricity Meter Manufacturers: Ensuring a broad understanding of testing and standards in the electricity meter industry.
  • DC EVSE Manufacturers: Specifically pertinent for specializing in DC EVSE production.

Stay abreast of industry standards and testing methodologies with Henri Schouten’s expertise and NMi’s experience.

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