The route of NMi

History of NMi

NMi has in-depth knowledge, boosted by centuries of experience.

Knowledge for centuries

NMi is a company with roots back in the in the early Middle Ages. In villages and cities so-called Calibration Masters were appointed by urban administrators. Scales, balances, bows, weights, and lengths were introduced to check and inspect the goods. All in the interests of fair trade.

The existing calibration system of ~19 offices fragmented across Dutch cities and provinces was now centralized and made uniform at the same time as the introduction of the new metric law of 1821.

A private company

However, the old system proved inadequate for modern needs and led to a new calibration law enacted in 1870. During this period, in 1873, the calibration Service (‘IJkwezen’) was founded — the predecessor of the current NMi. In 1989 we moved from a government institution to a private company with a new name, Nederlands Meet Instituut. Later, we became a TNO member and are presently owned by LLCP (Levin Leichtman Capital Partners).

Our foundation

The basis we formed many years ago is still our foundation. We stand for quality and promoting fair trade. With our knowledge and our roots, we can guide you in the best way possible. With so many years of experience, we can call ourselves the best in the world of metrology! We help and guide our customers.