Developments in Standards for Electricity Meters and EV Supply Equipment

Evolving Standards and Regulations for Market Entry


Our 11 December 2023 webinar on “Developments in Standards for Electricity Meters and EV Supply Equipment” is tailored for manufacturers of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS), both DC and AC equipment. In this informative session, NMi Sr. Expert Henri Schouten covers a range of topics to keep you up to date with the latest industry standards and initiatives.

Here’s a glimpse of of the discussed topics:

  • Withdrawal of EN 50470 Series: We discuss the recent withdrawal of the EN 50470 series, a significant industry update to ensure you’re aware of the changes.
  • New EN 50470-4 for DC Meters: Published in September 2023, we’ repeat the message that we can now test DC meters accordingly and issue MID approvals.
  • R 46 / OIML: Understand the recent decision from the CIML to create a separate document for DC meters.
  • G 22 / OIML: Discover the latest stage of G 22 / OIML standards, including any relevant updates.
  • prEN 50732: Get an in-depth look at the prEN 50732 project, with a detailed discussion on its progress and implications.
  • WELMEC: Delve into the proposals for changes to the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) within the WELMEC framework. While it’s a sensitive topic, we will provide a general overview.
  • Status Safety Standard: Understand the status of safety standards in the industry.
  • Proposal for New Test for Harmonics: Explore a proposal for a new harmonics test and its potential inclusion in CENELEC documents.
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