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WP: Standards for Electricity Meters

Need to understand the changing IEC and EN standards and their impact on the construction of electricity meters? Download our white paper now!

Are you a manufacturer of electricity meters or involved in the roll out of new meters? If yes, then you need to understand how changes in international IEC and European standards will impact the construction, testing and approval processes of these meters.

Electricity meters are being rolled out and installed in large quantities in many countries across the globe. Several international IEC and European standards are applicable for these meters, containing the requirements for the meters’ basic construction including electrical safety, as well as their accuracy under various conditions. But . . .  these standards for electricity meters are in motion!

Knowledge of the changing standards landscape helps electricity meter manufacturers future proof their production methods and leads to state-of-the-art designs. Get clarity on these technical requirements!

Read our white paper to understand:

  • The current state of European Standards for static electricity meters
  • The new dedicated standard for DC electricity meters and its implication
  • Other long-term developments within IEC and its impact on the European Standards
  • How to apply these changing standards during their transitional periods

OEMs that don’t take these developments into account risk failing safety, performance, and compliance requirements.

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