EV Charging Standards In Motion

Evolving Standards and Regulations for EU and UK Market Entry

With calibration laws like the German Eichrecht now in place, it becomes increasingly important for manufacturers and Charge Point Operators (CPO) to know what standards, regulations, and conformity and testing requirements they must consider when placing EV charging systems (EVCS) on markets across Europe and the UK.

Join NMI Sr. Approval Expert, Henri Schouten and other industry experts to examine the latest evolution of standards and regulations impacting EVCS market placement.

Topics at a Glance:

  • Calibration & measurement standards for EVCS
  • Data security considerations
  • EV Manufacturers and CPO conformity concerns
  • Developing efforts within WELMEC and OIML
  • Current EVCS testing and certification options


     . Henri Schouten, NMI
     . Dr. Matthias Grote, Software Alliance for E-mobility
     . Matthijs van der Wiel, Agentschap Telecom (now RDI)
     . Roland van der Put, FastNed
     . Sean Lui, J.D., Tesla

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