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Type Approval of Gas Meters for the Measurement of H2 Gas

Evolving Standards and Regulations for EU Market Entry


As metrological standards struggle to keep pace with the trade and transportation of regenerative fuel gases like hydrogen in the energy industry, it becomes increasingly important for Gas Meter Manufacturers to understand which standards, regulations, and testing requirements to consider to help future proof H2 measuring instruments for European and UK market access.

This NMi webinar shares insight for gas-meter manufacturers seeking to negotiate this changing landscape and certify their products for H2 applications.

Our senior gas expert Yvo Vermeul provides insight on the status of normative document EN and OIML recommendation, give an overview of the actual valid testing for H2 gas meters and explain applicable future changes.

Topics @ a Glance

  • Metrological developments for hydrogen gas meters
  • Expected challenges per instrument type
  • Best practices for test plan set-up
  • Examples of applicable tests and certification options
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