Metering Systems Compliance with Great British Codes of Practice

Evolving Standards and Regulations for GB Market Entry


Are you a Meter Manufacturer that wants to place your meters on the UK grid or an EU Systems Operator seeking information about Great British solutions to the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC)?

NMi partners with Elexon ― administrators of the Balancing and Settlement Code ― for an informative webinar on the Great British Codes of Practice (CoPs). 

Elexon’s Metering Manager, Iain Nicoll, and NMi’s Approvals Engineer, Valentina D’Amelio,  provide insight on rules regarding compliance with the GB CoPs.

Topics @ a Glance

  • Iain Nicoll, Metering Manager at Elexon, discusses:
    • Background information on GB CoPs, focusing on:
      • CoPs 1 to 5 relate to HH industrial meters above 100kW capacity,
      • CoP10 is for low voltage meters below 100kW capacity, and
      • CoP 11 relates to asset meters used for balancing services such as Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS).
  • Valentina D’Amelio, Approvals Engineer at NMi, provides:
    • A technical overview of the CoP testing and project procedures.
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