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ISO/IEC 17065 Conversion

Changing Quality Marks


Why is this conversion happening?

Adding ISO/IEC 17065 is a mandatory requirement for Notified Bodies.

To promote harmonised accreditation of notified bodies throughout Europe (EU, EFTA and Turkey), European Accreditation Organisation revised the ‘Document on Accreditation for Notification Purposes (EA-2/17)’. The application of this document is mandatory for NMi.

The primary purpose of the revision was the definition of the preferred harmonised standard(s) for the accreditation of notified bodies.

Based on this revision, for modules A to H for the Directives Measuring Instruments, NAWI and Regulation of National Autonomous Measuring Instruments, from April 2023, it is no longer possible to certify this according to EN-ISO/IEC 17020 and 17021-1. It will be mandatory to have EN-ISO/IEC 17065 accreditation from 17 April 2023.

What is ISO/IEC 17065?

The ISO/IEC17065 certification ensures the competence of an accreditation body in providing certification for the quality of products, processes, and services with full competence, consistency, transparency, and zero impartiality. It relies on methods for testing (ISO/IEC 17025), inspections (ISO/IEC 17020), and auditing (ISO/IEC 17021). The general activities of conformity assessment are sampling, determination, review, decision, attestations, surveillance, and suspension.

What does this change impact?

This applies to MID/MIR, NAWI/NAWIR, National recognitions (Dutch Metrologiewet),

Specifically, this means that NMi is also ISO/IEC 17065 accredited from 15 March 2023 for:

  • Regulation of national autonomously regulated measuring instruments
    • Static liquid quantity meter
    • Discontinuous fuel meter
    • CG dispenser
  • Dynamic weighbridges (Module B, F and G)
  • Directive 2014/31/EU
    • Non-automatic weighing instruments (Module B, D, D1, F, F1 and G)
  • Directive 2014/32/EU
    • Water meters (Module B, D and F)
    • Gas meters (Module B, D and F)
    • Active electrical energy meters (Module B, D and F)
    • Thermal energy meters (Module B, D and F)
    • Measuring systems (Module B, D, F and G)
    • Automatic weighing instruments (Module B, D, D1, E, F, F1 and G)
    • Taximeters (Module B, D and F)
    • Material measures (Module A2, B, D, D1, F1 and G)
    • Dimensional measuring instruments (Module B, D, D1, E, E1, F, F1 and G)
    • Exhaust gas analysers (Module B, D and F)

How will this conversion impact my certification?

Existing certificates and reports will remain valid. Quality marks on running applications or future changes on the following reports and certificates will change to ISO/IEC 17065:

  • ISO17020 (I122 and 23275 scopes) for inspection
  • ISO17021-1 (C081 and 23275 scopes) for certification

Note: ISO17025 (L029 scope) and some of the ISO17020 activities (I122 scope) will be in place.

Will some of the ISO17020 and ISO/IEC17020-1 activities still be in place?

Yes, some activities will remain in place. Click here for an overview of all NMi’s accredited activities.

Marc Schmidt

Quality & Safety