Harmonised Standards for Electricity Meters to be Withdrawn

Harmonised Standards for Electricity Meters to be Withdrawn

8 February 2023

The EN 50470 [2006] series has been a well-known European standard for electricity meters for many years. Since the introduction of the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), this series has been used as harmonised standards under the MID. However, this is about to change. As indicated on the European Commission’s  Nando website, these harmonised documents expired on 26 February 2023. 

CENELEC TC 13 has already prepared a new set of standards, EN 62052-11, in conjunction with EN 50470-3. These documents are intended, but not yet ratified for use as harmonised standards under the Measuring Instruments Directive. As a result, official harmonised standards for electricity meters may not apply for a certain period.

Significance for manufacturers

Certificates already issued for electricity meters will remain valid until the date indicated on the certificate (10 years from the original date of issue). If manufacturers wish to make changes, for example by using modified components, the modified meters must comply with the new standards. In that case, the modified meters will require assessment, particularly at the implemented change. If, for example, the software is changed, only this part will be assessed according to the new standard. Other aspects, such as EMC or other tests, will be disregarded under the condition that the change is not related to these aspects. If the changes are found to be in order, the manufacturer will receive a revision of the certificate.

Manufacturers wishing to enter the market with a new electricity meter are recommended to already apply the new standards, EN 62052-11 / 50470-3. These standards are state-of-the-art and include the latest requirements for (smart) electricity meters, as discussed in NMi’s white paper with reference 20230208. They are also intended to be used as harmonised standards under MID and as such have already been offered to the Measuring Instruments Committee.

Due to the extensive list of tests of these new standards, including the added safety standard 62052-31, as discussed in the aforementioned whitepaper, manufacturers do have to consider longer lead times for type-testing projects.

Alternatively, as suggested by Zsuzsanna Dákai – policy coordinator for legal metrology at the European Commission, the EN 50470 [2006] series can be applied until the new versions are officially listed on the Nando website. So manufacturers can still use them.

Access the NMi EU Standards in Motion: Withdrawal of EN 50470 webinar on demand to learn more or contact us directly for more information.