Standards in Motion – Withdrawal of EN 50470

Evolving Standards and Regulations for EU Market Entry


The EN 50470 [2006] series has been a well-known European standard for electricity meters for many years. Since introducing the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), this series has been used as harmonised standards under the MID. However, this is about to change. The European Commission’s Nando website indicates that these harmonised documents have expired on 26 February 2023.  

CENELEC TC 13 has already prepared a new set of standards, EN 62052-11, in conjunction with EN 50470-3. These documents are intended to be used as harmonised standards under the Measuring Instruments Directive.

However, it is questionable whether these standards will be harmonised in time. As a result, official harmonised standards for electricity meters may not apply for a certain period.

To share insight on this topic, NMi Sr. expert Henri Schouten offered a free, live webinar for electricity-meter manufacturers who need to negotiate this changing landscape.

Topics @ a Glance

  • Consequences of change for manufacturers? 
  • Impact for meters already on the market? 
  • Safety standard requirements referenced in the new EN 62052-11
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