Precision in Construction Material Calibration

Precision in Construction Material Calibration

28 December 2023

Elevating Construction Material Durability with NMi

Durability and mechanical strength are paramount in the ever-evolving landscape of construction materials. The rigorous testing of materials, such as asphalt and concrete, plays a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and safety of structures. One integral aspect of this process is calibration, and recently, NMi undertook the task of providing calibration services at the TNO Construction Innovation Lab ― a ‘state-of-the-art’ laboratory in Delft that conducts applied research into innovations in the field of building materials, climate systems and constructions. The focus was on calibrating a Fatigue Testing Machine, a go-to method in evaluating the mechanical strength of various construction materials. This commitment to precision calibration underscores NMi’s dedication to maintaining the accuracy and reliability of testing equipment in the pursuit of robust and enduring construction materials.

NMi Calibration Services

TNO and similar labs choose NMi for equipment calibration in construction material testing due to NMi’s precision and reliability in ISO 17025 calibration of testing material and and ISO 367 calibration of Loadcells. NMi ensures ongoing accuracy, traceable to international standards. The commitment to excellence is seen in low measuring uncertainties, rapid turnaround times, and adaptability for innovation.

Recent expansion of force and hardness calibration service, like implementing NEN-EN 12390-4 2019 for hardened concrete testing, demonstrate NMi’s trusted role in providing accurate results for labs evaluating construction material durability.

Testing Machines and the Circular Economy

One of the fascinating trends in this industry revolves around the circular use of construction materials. Take asphalt, for example; the growing popularity of repurposing asphalt removed from roads to create new blends has gained traction in sustainable construction practices. However, this circular approach introduces new challenges, particularly regarding material durability. To address this, extensive testing is required to ensure the recycled asphalt meets the necessary standards. NMi’s ISO 17025 calibration services are instrumental in providing reliable and traceable results, assuring the quality and durability of circular asphalt.

Concrete, a fundamental construction material, is also undergoing transformations in line with circular principles. Companies are experimenting with use of of different filler equipment — such as river sludge — in concrete, aiming to make construction materials more sustainable. Once again, the shift towards circularity necessitates rigorous testing of different compositions to assess the impact on material strength and durability. NMi’s calibration services play a pivotal role in verifying the reliability of these test results, ensuring that the materials meet the required standards.

Securing Future Resilience through NMi Calibration

In the dynamic realm of construction materials and the emerging challenges of the circular economy, the significance of calibration services provided by NMi is more pronounced than ever. The recent visit to the TNO construction innovation lab shed light on the calibration of a Fatigue Testing Machine, underscoring NMi’s dedication to upholding the precision and reliability of testing equipment. In an era where material reuse is central to sustainability, the assurance of durability and mechanical strength through rigorous testing and calibration is indispensable. NMi, positioned as a steadfast partner in this journey, is committed to ensuring that the construction materials of the future align seamlessly with the highest standards of quality and safety.

For those searching for reliability and precision in construction material testing, NMi invites collaboration to safeguard the integrity and durability of materials. In the evolving landscape of the circular economy, NMi’s ISO 17025 calibration services serve as a guarantee that your testing equipment maintains peak accuracy. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future where construction materials meet and exceed rigorous quality standards.

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