NMi Force Calibration Extends with New Standard

NMi Force Calibration Extends with New Standard

17 October 2022

NMi Now Tests Calibration for Compressive Strength of Concrete According to the Latest Standards  

Over the past few months the NMi Force and Quality Management Teams have been busy implementing NEN-EN 12390-4 2019 “Testing of hardened concrete – Part 4: Compressive strength – Specification for test benches”.

NEN EN 12390‑4 is part of the multi-series standard that discusses the testing of hardened concrete. It specifies the requirements for the performance of compression testing for the measurement of the compressive strength of concrete. Test benches for concrete are used to test the material properties and strength of construction parts e.g., piles and prefab house parts as well as bridges and viaducts in civil construction.

The Force calibration team also added new calibration equipment to their toolbox in the form of roughness and hardness testers to support the testing requirements for the roughness and hardness of the concrete specimens. Together with the unique capabilities to test force transfer, NMi can serve your calibration needs now and in the future.

This extension of hardened concrete testing further strengthens NMi’s unique position as an independent calibration specialist with a broad scope of capabilities.

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