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WP: EV Charging Systems

Seeking a deeper understanding of how metrological legislation and control systems impact your business? Then download our white paper now!

Are you manufacturing charging stations or managing charging stations via your IT backend as a charge point operator? If yes, then you need understand how metrological legislation and control systems will impact your business.

Germany and the UK currently lead the way in enforcing calibration law regulations for EV charging infrastructure. However, similar regulations and requirements will likely be introduced in other EU countries and beyond given increasing market penetration of EVs. Don’t get caught short.

After reading our white paper you will understand:

  • The current state of legal metrological infrastructure for EV Charging Systems
  • International forces shaping requirements for EV Charging Systems
  • Technical Requirements in development by standardization bodies

Companies that don’t understand these regulations run the risk of market exclusion.

Don’t get caught short. Download our white paper now!

“NMi recently tested our new EV Charging System, type chargeBIG series. Due to their fast and very competent testing services, we managed to obtain a German national type approval and we’re about to sell our products on the German market.”
– Sebastian Ewert,

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