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Standards in Motion

Understand the changing landscape of international standards and their impact on your product market entry. Download our white paper series today!

We live in a world of constant change and constant motion. Standards have everything to do with change. They hold change in check by fixing certain parts of a product or technology. They also allow innovation to happen in a controlled way by creating an area of certainty around which change can happen.

At NMi, we provide expert testing, inspection, and certification services that enable manufacturers to demonstrate their products comply with those changing safety, environmental, and operating performance standards for markets around the world.

That’s why we’ve curated a series of NMi white papers that provide insight on how we create and manage standards to help manufacturers position their products for market compliance.

Learn more. Download our series of Standards in Motion today!

Included in the series:

EU to UKCA Certificate Conversion

Are you ready to use the UKCA mark after Brexit? As an OEM, you need to be aware of how Brexit will impact U.K. product market access.

Read this white paper to understand:

  • Key regulatory changes for UK market participants
  • Implications for measuring instruments covered by MID and NAWI Directives
  • UKCA marking implementation and transition
  • How NMi helps measurement instrument manufacturers achieve business continuity in the U.K. and EU

Standards for Electricity Meters in Motion

Are you a manufacturer of electricity meters or involved in the roll out of new meters? If yes, then you need to know how changes in international IEC and European standards will impact the construction, testing and approval processes of these meters.

Read this white paper to understand:

  • The current state of European Standards for static electricity meters
  • New developments and upcoming revisions for IEC standards
  • The impact of IEC changes on European standards
  • How to apply these changing standards during their transitional periods

The New Legislative Framework

The European Union has developed an extended package of modernised rules and regulations, the ‘New Legislative Framework’ (NLF), which will apply to all products sold on the European market from 20 April 2016. This is a complete normative system that strengthens and completes the existing rules by trying to include all possible aspects of safety, quality and traceability of products that enter the EU market.

Read this white paper to understand:

  • The purpose of the New Legislative Framework (NLF)Essential requirements that devices or systems with a measurement function must satisfy
  • Roles and responsibilities within the NLF

Manufacturers that don’t remain informed of these standards in motion risk failing safety, performance, and compliance requirements that may ultimately exclude them from the market.

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