History of NMi

20th Century

The verification law of 1937 greatly expanded the task of the Verification Service.

Legal status

With the introduction of new technologies, the verification law of 1870 began to reveal its shortcomings. For example, it did not meet the eventual need to monitor petrol pumps. As a result, on 22 April 1937, a new law was drafted, which came into effect in 1941. This law greatly expanded the tasks of the Verification Service. Previously, it limited coverage to measures, weights and gas meters. However, the new scope included all measuring and weighing instruments subject to the verification law, from pharmacy scales to 100-ton weighbridges.

In 1937, the Verification Service became part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and was given legal status, and the ‘Nederlands Meet Instituut’ (NMi) was formally founded. However, the Verification Service were eventually privatised in 1989 under NMi NV.

20th Century