NMi Unveils Precision GHG Emissions ATICC Services

NMi Unveils Precision GHG Emissions ATICC Services

21 March 2024

In response to growing environmental awareness and regulatory demands, NMi introduces its latest offering: GHG Emissions Advisory, Testing, Inspection, Certification, and Calibration (ATICC) services. With a focus on precision, reliability, and environmental responsibility, NMi aims to redefine emissions management in the Netherlands and beyond.

Solutions for GHG Emissions Management

NMi recognises the pressing need for accurate monitoring and reporting to meet the EU’s ambitious climate goals. Our GHG Emissions ATICC Services cater to manufacturers and operators subject to EU ETS compliance. From gas meter approvals to comprehensive monitoring and reporting, our GHG Emissions ATTIC services assure regulatory compliance while prioritising accuracy and reliability.

Setting a New Standard with Accredited Reporting

At the heart of NMi’s GHG Emissions ATICC Services lies our Accredited Reporting, distinguished by the NMi  BLUE SEAL . This seal represents our commitment to independence and reliability, guaranteeing our reports meet rigorous standards for submission to authorities. With NMi’s Accredited Reporting, clients navigate emissions compliance confidently.

Expanding Service Scope: Tailored Solutions for Industry Challenges

At NMi, our GHG Emissions ATICC Services extend beyond monitoring and reporting. We offer a suite of solutions crafted to address the diverse needs of our clients while prioritising sustainability and operational excellence. These services include:

1. Gas Meter Approval: Ensuring compliance with MID Directive standards for gas meter accuracy and reliability is vital for emissions monitoring.
NMi conducts a comprehensive assessment of manufacturer gas meters to verify their accuracy and reliability according to MID Directive standards. Through rigorous testing and calibration, NMi assures that the gas meter meets regulatory requirements, providing confidence in the accuracy of emissions data.

2. Monitoring Plan Support: Crafting robust monitoring plans that meet regulatory requirements while being technically feasible and reliable is essential.
NMi collaborates with a manufacturing facility to develop a monitoring plan tailored to its operations. By considering factors such as equipment specifications and regulatory obligations, NMi designs a strategy that enables accurate emissions monitoring without disrupting production processes.

3. Emissions Monitoring: Utilising tier-based methodologies to assess emission factor uncertainty ensures precise monitoring.
NMi employs tier-based methodologies to assess a power generation facility’s emission factor uncertainty. By analysing data from various sources and considering factors such as fuel composition and combustion efficiency, NMi provides accurate emissions data crucial for regulatory compliance.

4. Activity Data Determination: Using exhaust gas analysis to assess fuel/material usage provides essential data for accurate emissions calculation.
NMi conducts exhaust gas analysis at a chemical manufacturing plant to determine fuel and material usage. By analysing the composition of exhaust gases, NMi accurately quantifies the amount of fuel consumed, enabling precise emissions calculation for regulatory reporting.

5. Uncertainty Calculation: Determining measurement uncertainty for online density meters post-calibration is essential for precise emissions monitoring.
After calibrating an online density meter at an oil refinery, NMi calculates the measurement uncertainty to ensure data accuracy. By considering factors such as temperature variations and equipment calibration, NMi provides precise uncertainty calculations for reliable emissions monitoring.

6. Gas Metrics Derivation: Calibrating online density meters against a reference gas chromatograph allows for deriving essential gas metrics for ETS reporting.
NMi calibrates an online density meter at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility against a reference gas chromatograph. NMi derives essential gas metrics required for emissions reporting under the ETS framework by comparing density measurements with known gas compositions.

By offering these solutions, NMi empowers industries to navigate the complexities of emissions management with confidence and precision. Our focus on sustainability and operational excellence drives positive environmental impact, promoting accountability and a more resilient future for all.

Join Us in Shaping a Sustainable Future

Environmental responsibility is a shared commitment. As NMi drives efforts towards a greener future, we invite responsible businesses like yours to initiate change. Contact NMi today to discover how our GHG Emissions ATICC Services can help you achieve your sustainability objectives while ensuring regulatory compliance. Let’s pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future together.

Contact us to explore how our GHG Emissions ATICC Services can support your sustainability goals and ensure regulatory compliance.

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