KLM calibration by NMi

NMi Keeps Your Flights Safe

NMi Keeps Your Flights Safe

18 July 2022

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself the question: “What does NMi actually do?” Usually there is a story about weighing scales, petrol pumps, gas or electricity meters that are extensively tested and certified by NMi. In addition to these clear examples, there are more services that NMi offers that are a little less obvious. For example, one of our representatives was at KLM recently for a calibration.

KLM carries out maintenance on their fleet at Schiphol. During maintenance, an aircraft is lifted to relieve the preload on the load-bearing parts. Hydraulic jacks are used for this. Due to the high safety requirements, each jack must be regularly checked on a reference installation. NMi takes care of the calibration of these reference installations, because we can meet the high requirements of the aviation industry. This way we proudly play our part in securing safety in KLM aircrafts.

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