NMi issued first MID approval for Finnish EV charging station

NMi issued first MID approval for Finnish EV charging station

The first MID approved by NMi for an EV charging station with an integrated electricity meter is a fact.

The EV charging station is designed for easy payment-based charging of electric vehicles at residential, workplace and other semi-public applications. It has been evaluated while applying the EN 50470-1 and 50470-3 as harmonised standards and the Guide Welmec 7.2. for the software. After the complete evaluation, the EV charging station is approved via EU type examination Certificate no. T11910.

Katja Koponen, CEO and founder of Cation Oy, comments: “With rapidly increasing number of EVs, there is increasing need also for smart and flexible AC-charging solutions for semi-public parking areas. eChargie with MID approval brings to the market the cost-efficient kWh-consumption based payment and billing system with plug-and-play-method. At Cation Oy we are really happy the certification process went very well, resulting in the fact our eChargie product can be used for billing purposes in accordance with the MID legislation.”

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