NMi Group Expands Reach into Cybersecurity Landscape with TrustCB Acquisition

NMi Group Expands Reach into Cybersecurity Landscape with TrustCB Acquisition

25 January 2024

Delft, the Netherlands, 25 January 2024 — NMi Group, a global leader in mission-critical Testing, Inspection, Certification, and Calibration (TICC) services, proudly announces the transformative acquisition of TrustCB in the Cyber Security domain. This strategic move solidifies NMi Group as the premier provider of certification services for the evolving landscape of digitally integrated and smart devices. 

Now part of NMi Group, TrustCB is the exclusive commercial Certification Body for the globally recognized Common Criteria cybersecurity standard, working with globally leading clients and capable of certifying up to the highest levels (EAL7). This strategic alignment reinforces NMi Group’s commitment to a comprehensive approach, integrating legal metrology and Common Criteria standards to ensure the overall reliability and integrity of smart industrial devices. 

A key emphasis of the acquisition is TrustCB’s expertise in translating Common Criteria standards via SESIP to the Internet of Things domain. This strategic move further fortifies NMi Group’s dedication to “Measure Tomorrow” by synergizing precision in measurements with increasingly requested robust cybersecurity standards. 

In legal metrology and Common Criteria, coexistence is imperative to guarantee a holistic approach to the functionality, accuracy, and security of devices such as smart meters, smart grids, and other smart industrial devices. Manufacturers and operators navigating these digital landscapes must adhere to both legal and cybersecurity regulations, ensuring compliance with standards for accuracy and security. 

Expressing enthusiasm about the strategic move, Yvo Jansen, NMi Group CEO, states, “Acquiring TrustCB fortifies our commitment to excellence in smart industrial devices. By integrating accuracy in measurements with robust cybersecurity standards, we ensure regulatory compliance and enhance the overall reliability of our solutions.” 

Echoing this sentiment, Wouter Slegers, TrustCB CEO, adds, “Joining forces with NMi Group is a strategic move safeguarding the TrustCB Common Criteria and dedicated scheme certification business even further. In practical ways, nothing changes: TrustCB stays the trusted, responsive partner as a certification body. This synergy amplifies our commitment to precision and security in smart industrial devices, advancing the global standard for regulatory compliance and elevating the trustworthiness of our certified solutions.” Wouter will continue to lead TrustCB, ensuring solid independence and sustained excellence in Common Criteria certification. 

This acquisition marks a pivotal milestone in NMi Group’s Build and Buy strategy, solidifying its position as an industry leader in legal and applied metrology services for smart industrial devices. 

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About NMi Group: 

NMi Group is a leader in mission-critical product Testing, Inspection, Certification, and Calibration (TICC) services essential for asset management across various industries. With a reputation for quality, NMi holds numerous accreditations and designations aimed at guaranteeing measurement accuracy and reliability in fast-growing markets driven by themes such as Energy Transition, Connectivity & Digitalisation and NextGen Mobility. With strategic acquisitions and ongoing innovations, NMi Group is committed to playing a leading role in Measuring Tomorrow’s equipment. 

About TrustCB: 

TrustCB, one of only four Certification Bodies globally authorised for the highest Common Criteria certification level (EAL7), provides swift, predictable and reliable certification. With many decades of expertise, TrustCB certifies IT security products, processes, and services. It extends its adaptability to diverse sectors, including GSMA eSA, FeliCa, MIFARE, IoT (SESIP and PSA Certified), mobile devices and automotive, ensuring compliance with international security standards. This tailored approach solidifies and expedites certification timelines, enabling timely product launches and mitigating financial risks. TrustCB’s dedication to high-assurance certification positions it as a trusted partner for businesses, delivering unquestionable validation within predictable timeframes. 

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