NMi expands international services, offering re-verification in Belgium

NMi expands international services, offering re-verification in Belgium

NMi is now accredited for the re-verification of weighing instruments in Belgium. The scope currently consists of non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) and automatic weighing instruments OIML R61 (AWI). This will soon be expanded to include all automatic weighing instruments.

Better serving our clients across the board

The accreditation means that we can now offer type approval, initial verification, and re-verification in Belgium as well as in the Netherlands. This allows us to service our national and international clients even better.


The re-verification of measuring instruments used in economic transactions, is carried out under normal user conditions. The aim is to provide sufficient assurance that the measuring instruments meet the fixed precision requirements permanently.

Reverification consists of two steps. Firstly, determining whether the measuring instrument has been subject to a first calibration (presence of the first calibration mark or CE-marking). Secondly, performing tests to ascertain whether the measuring instrument complies with specific regulations.

According to Belgian regulations, weighing instruments must undergo a re-verification every two or four years. As demand for re-verifications grows in Belgium, NMi has hired a number of locally based and experienced field engineers to operate quickly and flexibly for our customers.

More information?

Would you like more information? Please contact our NMi’s Davy Todde by e-mail: dtodde@nmi.nl
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