NMi and VSL Join Forces for Calibration and Certification of Hydrogen Dispensers

NMi and VSL Join Forces for Calibration and Certification of Hydrogen Dispensers

22 July 2021

Delft, The Netherlands — 22 July 2022. Suppliers of hydrogen dispensers can now turn to a single authority to test both the accuracy of their product and to check whether it complies with Dutch legislation. The Netherlands Measurement Institute (NMi) and VSL, the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands, have joined forces to offer calibration and certification of hydrogen dispensers.

Fueled by the objective to reduce CO2 emissions, the Dutch government has set clear goals to increase the number of public hydrogen filling stations in the Netherlands, starting with a target of 50 stations by 2025. However, compared to the more than 4,000 petrol and diesel filling stations in the Netherlands, 50 hydrogen filling stations in 2025 remains quite modest.

To ultimately realize the goal of an emission-free future, the Netherlands aspires towards a hydrogen refuelling infrastructure where fuel cell electric vehicles can reach a hydrogen filling station within 7 minutes (or within a distance of 7 km) from any location in the Netherlands. This ambitious pursuit offers significant market opportunities for hydrogen dispenser manufacturers and hydrogen filling station providers. However, anyone who operates on the Dutch market for hydrogen filling stations must comply with strict safety and operational guidelines that are included in the “Regeling Nationaal Autonoom Geregelde Metering Instruments”.

In addition to high demands on the hydrogen quality control system, which includes sampling, measurement methods for contaminants and reference materials, the exact measurement of the amount of hydrogen delivered is also crucial for the commercialization of hydrogen as a fuel. “By joining forces, NMi and VSL are taking the first step towards a low-threshold way to help new entrants to the market meet the necessary quality, safety and operational requirements for hydrogen dispensers,” says DJ Schuld, Business Innovation Executive Advisor at NMi. “Our partnership brings together the resources and expertise needed to ensure the accuracy of measuring large-scale fuel deliveries.”

As the only body designated under the Dutch Metrology Act to certify hydrogen filling stations, NMi combines its expertise in testing fuel dispensers with VSL’s innovative Hydrogen Quantity Standard (HyOS). This installation makes it possible to measure the quantities of hydrogen in a traceable way. “VSL has been contributing to the energy transition for years,” says Fabienne van Booma, Managing Director VSL. “The recent launch of our mobile calibration facility for hydrogen dispensers is a good example of this. Through the collaboration with NMi, we hope to reduce the barrier to further increase the number of hydrogen dispensers in the Netherlands.” As an independent party and as a National Metrology Institute, designated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, VSL ensures that this newly developed standard is available and usable for all relevant authorities.

By combining the expertise, suppliers can directly calibrate and also certify their hydrogen dispensers, creating a combined service that provides a potential one-stop-shop for the initial verification of:

  • single 700bar dispensers in 3 days
  • combined 700 + 350bar dispensers in 4 – 6 days.

Jeroen van Blanken, NMi Approval Expert adds: “NMi continues to innovate and research technical developments that could potentially reduce the number of test days. We want to make the process as seamless and efficient as possible without compromising quality, safety and accuracy. ”

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About NMi:
Founded in 1937, NMi is the leading independent specialist for legal metrology testing and inspection services in Europe and a trusted brand worldwide. NMi specializes in type approval & certification, verification & calibration, and training services, providing a wide range of advice on complex regulations and accreditations. In addition, NMi enables its customers to continuously improve and safeguard their data and operational technologies. Based in Delft, the Netherlands, NMi operates in more than 200 countries and serves more than 5,000 customers worldwide. NMi employs about 150 people worldwide.

About VSL:
VSL is the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands, designated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as an independent and impartial organization to ensure the realization and management of the national measurement standards of the Netherlands. These measurement standards make measurement results from companies, laboratories and institutions directly traceable to international standards (SI units). VSL makes an important national and international contribution to the reliability, quality and innovation of products and processes and is relevant for fair trade, science and industry, among others.