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Navigating Certification Challenges with WELMEC 8.8: A Guide for Manufacturers

Navigating Certification Challenges with WELMEC 8.8: A Guide for Manufacturers

3 June 2024

Overcome Manufacturer Pain Points with WELMEC 8.8 Part Certification

In the manufacturing sector, adhering to regulatory standards without compromising on efficiency and quality is a significant challenge. Manufacturers often face redundant testing and certification procedures, especially when incorporating components from third-party suppliers. This not only slows down the production process but also increases costs unnecessarily. NMi, understanding these pain points, offers a solution through WELMEC 8.8 part-certification.

Streamlined Compliance and Enhanced Control

WELMEC 8.8 part-certification is designed to streamline the compliance process for manufacturers. By adopting a modular framework, it allows for the certification of individual components such as indicators, load cells, software, and POS systems. This flexibility means that components can be certified independently of the complete instrument, reducing redundancy in testing and enabling manufacturers to optimize their production processes.

One of the significant advantages of WELMEC 8.8 over OIML-CS is its specific orientation towards the EU and UK markets. While OIML-CS provides an international acceptance, it requires the conversion of certificates to national approval documents, which can be cumbersome and slow. In contrast, WELMEC 8.8 is tailored for the EU and UK, allowing manufacturers to meet their documentation obligations without needing third-party suppliers to disclose proprietary information. This not only simplifies compliance but enhances control and efficiency within the EU and UK regulatory environment.

Additionally, updates to the certificate of a part under WELMEC 8.8 can directly affect the certificates of the complete instruments incorporating that part, without requiring updates to the instrument’s overall certification. This feature is particularly beneficial for manufacturers focusing on agility and cost efficiency in their operations.

NMi’s Commitment to Flexibility and Quality

NMi remains one of the few Notified Bodies offering both WELMEC 8.8 and OIML-CS certification services. Our commitment to providing these options ensures that manufacturers have the flexibility to choose a certification path that best fits their market goals and operational needs. Whether you’re looking to expand globally with OIML-CS or streamline compliance in the EU and UK with WELMEC 8.8, NMi is equipped to facilitate your certification requirements.

Partnering with NMi for your certification needs means gaining a trusted ally in the complex regulatory landscape. Our expertise not only simplifies the certification process but also ensures that your components meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

For manufacturers, the choice between WELMEC 8.8 and OIML-CS often depends on specific business objectives and regulatory requirements. By choosing WELMEC 8.8, manufacturers primarily serving the EU and UK markets can enjoy more direct control over their product compliance, reduced certification redundancies, and optimized resource allocation.

Transform Challenges into Opportunities with WELMEC 8.8 Certification

WELMEC 8.8 part-certification presents a strategic advantage for manufacturers aiming to enhance efficiency and maintain compliance. With NMi’s expertise and support, navigating the certification maze becomes a clear and manageable process.

Contact NMi to explore how our WELMEC 8.8 part-certification services can transform your production efficiency and regulatory compliance. Let us help you turn regulatory challenges into opportunities for growth.