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With the different markets and services, we have to have a diversity of people. From technicians, administrative assistants, technical engineers, marketing communication specialists, laboratory technicians and sales managers. Everyone contributes to NMi’s great and worldwide reputation with their knowledge and hands on mentality.

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Feel free to read Davy’s internship testimonial.

In NMi I found an organization that gave me the opportunity to develop myself, and the company’ businessI have been with NMi for eight months in order to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship. I was looking for an organization that allowed me to actively think about opportunities to grow a business. NMi provided this to me.  

During my internship I received full support of all my colleaguesNMi is a flat, no-nonsense and informal organizationSomething I experienced as very pleasant is that colleagues are willing to help you whenever you need them toIn case you have no past experience in the field of metrology, their passion for this matter comes in very convenient.  

I had the chance to test opportunities based on valid and reliable experiments. Experiments generating results that immediately added value to NMi’s businessBesides the freedom to carry out my internship assignment, I was also part of the Business Development TeamYou are part of the team, your input is valued, and you are there to grow the business, not to just ‘get the coffees’.  

I have been working with (potential) clients and visited trade fairsBoth great experiences from a learning and networking perspective. In the end that is what business development is all about.  

I am grateful for NMi to have giving me the opportunity to graduate. The combination of great colleagues, interesting industries and good guidance have contributed to the very positive result of my internship. 

My internship at NMi has brought me a lot in both personal and professional ways. If you are interested or get the chance to do your internship at NMi, do not hesitate, and go for itIn case you have any questions about my internship at NMi, feel free to reach out to me! 

Davy Todde
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