Improving CO2 Emissions Monitoring in Dutch Refineries with NEa and NMi

Improving CO2 Emissions Monitoring in Dutch Refineries with NEa and NMi

21 May 2024

Advancing Accuracy and Compliance in Emissions Control
The Dutch Emissions Authority (NEa) and NMi, leaders in precision Advisory, Testing, Inspection, Certification and Calibration (ATICC) services, previously joined efforts to improve the monitoring of CO2 emissions in the refining sector. The initiative critically evaluated existing emission monitoring systems at refineries, focusing on laboratory analyses and real-time online density meters. The project aimed to enhance the systems’ accuracy and reliability, which is crucial for meeting regulatory compliance and supporting environmental sustainability.

Refining Emission Measurement for Environmental Stewardship

As crucial hubs in the transformation of crude oil into diverse products, refineries are notable contributors to CO2 emissions. To elevate environmental oversight, NEa partnered with NMi to advance the technologies and methods used for monitoring these emissions. The study posited that by meticulously evaluating and validating refinery monitoring systems, significant improvements could be identified to refine the precision of CO2 emission metrics, thereby supporting compliance and promoting sustainable operations.

Ensuring Measurement Excellence

The methodology encompassed a thorough review of the processes refineries use to quantify CO2 emissions. This included detailed analyses using gas chromatography to assess gas compositions and continuous assessments via online density meters. Calibration and uncertainty analyses were integral to this phase, aiming to pinpoint and measure potential discrepancies and errors. Findings from these evaluations indicated notable calibration inaccuracies in online density meters and highlighted various uncertainties within the monitoring systems, underlining a critical need for enhanced calibration and validation protocols to boost measurement accuracy.

Setting New Standards for Emissions Monitoring

The analysis demonstrated the imperative for precise and reliable monitoring systems in accurately determining CO2 emissions at refineries. The study identified specific calibration flaws and uncertainties as key areas for enhancement, thereby setting new benchmarks for measurement reliability. The collaboration between NEa and NMi yielded deep insights into refining emission monitoring technologies and methodologies, establishing a solid foundation for improving accuracy and reliability in emissions measurements, which is pivotal for enhanced compliance and environmental management in the refining industry.

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