Important Changes to UKCA Guidance

Important changes to UKCA Guidance 

14 July 2022

Last week, the UK Government issued important updates to their guidance on the UKCA marking. 

The new guidance essentially reduces the need to retest and recertify products that were compliant with the product safety requirements that existed in the UK before the UKCA regime is made mandatory and lengthens the transitional period for requiring new information to be permanently displayed on a product. 

Validity of existing certificates – Any type-examination certificates issued by the NMO for Great Britain will continue to have effect. This will apply to Module B certificates, but Module D certificates issued by the NMO ceased to have effect from 30 April 2022.

Instrument Labelling – From the end of 2022, instruments must have a UKCA mark. Manufacturers can apply the UKCA marking on a sticky label to the product or with an accompanying document until 31 December 2025For goods imported from the EEA, importer details can be affixed to the product via a sticky label or an accompanying document until 31 December 2025The accompanying document must stay with the good until it reaches its end user.

Imported products – Existing CE-marked stock imported into the UK under contract before the end of 2022 will not need retesting and re-marking.

Reduce retesting costs – The UK government intends to introduce legislation allowing CE certification provided by non-UK conformity assessment bodies issued before the end of 2022 to be used as a basis for UKCA marking certification. The good must still bear the UKCA marking and undergo conformity assessment with the UK Approved Body at the certificate’s expiry or after five years (whichever comes first).

CE marked goods in the scope of this guidance that meet EU requirements (where these match UK requirements) can continue to be placed on the GB market until 31 December 2022. However, in some cases where EU and UK requirements remain the same, the new guidance indicates the UK government intends to extend that deadline to 31 December 2027. This includes goods which have been assessed by an EU recognised notified body. However, NMi encourages businesses to be ready to fully implement the new UK regime as soon as possible. 

Note: UKCA marking for goods considered “new” after 1 January 2023 is required. You can read the guidance in full on GOV.UK: UKCA Conformity Assessment or register to attend the next UKCA webinar for additional information.

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Adrian Rudd - UKCA

Adrian Rudd

NMi UK Manager