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Ensuring Precision: A Recent Calibration Service in Ghent, Belgium

Ensuring Precision: A Recent Calibration Service in Ghent, Belgium

17 April 2024

At NMi, precision is not just a goal; it’s our commitment. Recently, one of our field engineers, Arie Duin, completed a calibration service in Ghent, Belgium, shedding light on the process we undertake to ensure the accuracy and reliability of testing equipment.

Our calibration expertise was tested in Ghent, the location of the Department of Structural Engineering and Building Materials at the University of Ghent. Our visit focused on calibrating two essential testing benches: the 1000 Kn and 2500 Kn test benches, both manufactured by MTS and serviced by JJ Bos Technisch Advies and in operation for many years

These tests aren’t just routine checks; they are critical for maintaining the accuracy or reliability of structural testing. The Department’s focus on fundamental and applied research underscores the importance of accurate data, whether for understanding concrete structures at a microscopic level or analysing the performance of various construction materials.

Our enduring relationship with JJ Bos Technisch Advies highlights NMi as the preferred calibration provider for ISO 17025 compliance. Calibrating MTS-manufactured 1000 Kn and 2500 Kn test benches since 2008, our commitment to precision and reliability remains unwavering. Trust NMi for dependable calibration services.

Arie’s expertise in the field of Force calibration ensured each instrument underwent meticulous calibration, adhering to the highest precision standards. Whether it’s structural analysis, material testing, or optimising structural components, our calibration services help ensure reliable results.

This project in Ghent is a shining example of our unwavering dedication to excellence and our ability to deliver precise calibration services, even in the most demanding environments. Our commitment to quality extends beyond just calibrating instruments; it’s about building trust and ensuring the integrity of every test conducted. This should inspire potential clients about our commitment to precision and reliability.

As we continue to partner with organisations like the University of Ghent TU Eindhoven en TU-Delft, we invite you to learn more about our calibration services. Whether you’re in academia, industry, or research, precision matters. Contact us to discover how NMi helps ensure the accuracy and reliability of your testing equipment.

Precision matters. Trust NMi for reliable calibration services.


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