Creating awareness: Girlsday 2019

Creating awareness

Girlsday 2019

More women in the world of technology! Creating awareness for girls that technology is a fun place to work is important.

Girlsday 2019

Thursday 11 April was the national Girlsday 2019. Throughout the Netherlands, nearly 11.000 girls visited nearly 400 companies in the beta, technical and IT sectors. NMi, in collaboration with FDI and VSL, had a visit of 26 girls.

After a great and informative kick-off, the girls started using a measuring device from one off the labs. We did the “Measuring Mike!” game, where they had to guess the length of our employee Mike. Of course, the three girls who were closest to the actual length off Mike received a prize. After this, they were allowed to measure themselves and received an official measurement certificate.


Metrology is fun!

The day flew by with delicious cupcakes and, finally, a tour of a number of labs at the Metrology Tower. At the end of the day, the girls received a nice goodie bag and a lot of information about the world of metrology. The last part is off course the most important part off this day, creating awareness for the field of metrology. Thanks to the efforts of NMi, FDI and VSL, these girls have had the opportunity to become acquainted with many different professions within the world of metrology. A nice step for the girls choose for a technical education in the future.

Girlsday 2019 was a great success. We definitely will participating in 2020!