Advancing Sustainable Transportation Through Precise Metrology Solutions

Advancing Sustainable Transportation Through Precise Metrology Solutions

12 June 2024

NMi’s Role in Developing Requirements for Particle Number Counters for Vehicle Emission Testing

Commitment to Cleaner Air

Amid global challenges like air pollution and climate change, measuring vehicle emissions has never been more critical. Traditional tools such as soot-meters (opacity ) and onboard diagnostics are insufficient for measuring ultrafine particles emitted by modern engines. This gap necessitated a paradigm shift, initiated during a pivotal meeting in 2017, where NMi, at the request of the Dutch Ministry of Transport and Water Management, started the development of requirements for Particle Number Counters (PNCs) in collaboration with the NPTI group of VERT consortium. This shift underscores NMi’s commitment to environmental stewardship and highlights the role of metrology in sustainable transportation.

Evolving Emission Testing with Particle Number Counters

Adopting particle number counting as required in EU regulations for vehicle type approval represents a significant advance in emission monitoring. Rooted in NMi’s forward-thinking approach, this proposal now serves as a cornerstone of national PTI regulations across several European countries. From the Netherlands, where ten distinct PNC types have been approved, to broader implementations in Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium, these instruments are crucial for measuring harmful ultrafine particles.

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability

NMi’s involvement doesn’t stop at the development of requirements. Through ongoing type examination, (initial and periodic) verification, and sample inspections, NMi ensures that each PNC adheres to the requirements. This commitment safeguards the integrity of the PTI regime and reinforces the trust in vehicle emissions testing.

A Call to Collaborate for a Cleaner Future

NMi stands at the forefront of advancing sustainable transportation, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to environmental health and safety. Our leadership in developing and implementing precise legal metrology requirements has enhanced air quality and promoted cleaner, more sustainable transportation modes. 

Join Us in Shaping a Sustainable World

We invite industry partners, regulators, and stakeholders to collaborate with us as we refine these requirements and advocate for their adoption globally. Contact us to learn more about our technologies and how you can collaborate with NMi. Together, we can enhance vehicle emissions testing, reduce environmental impact, and advance the global agenda for cleaner air and sustainable living.

Ivo Pagen

Account Manager