Training course: European Market Access for your LNG, BioGas, Hydrogen and CNG applications

Training course

European Market Access for your LNG, BioGas, Hydrogen and CNG applications

Date: TBD 2022
Location: TBD

Do you want to sell your LNG, BioGas, CNG or Hydrogen dispensers to Europe? Or do you want to learn how to deal with legal requirements for BioGas metering installations? Then it is important to know the European laws and regulations that thes specific meassuring instruments have to meet. European guidelines apply to LNG and BioGas applications (Measuring Instruments Directive). CNG and Hydrogeen is still subject to national legislation in various countries. In other countries, new legislation is being developed.

During this one-day training you will learn how to navigate through the regulations for LNG/ CNG /Hydrogen dispensers and BioGas aplications. What does Legal Metrology mean in Europe? And what are the relevant responsibilities for manufacturers, their representatives and/or suppliers? Our experts, who are aware of the latest developments within the Oil & Gas market, are happy to answer these questions for you.

You will also recieve explanations on the various manufacturer modules and learn more about the relavent EN standards, OIML recommendations and WELMEC guides. The training gives you more insight into the relationship these documents have the European regulations and you learn that you can expect from Notified Bodies and Supervisory Bodies.

After completing this training you will be better prepared for the type testing and other necessary inspections. You will also have a comprehensive overview of the steps to be taken from product design to introduction on the European market.
Content “European Market Access for your LNG, BioGas and CNG and Hydrogen applications”
During the training the following topics will be discussed:

• Differences between European legislation and National legislation
• Certification possibilities for LNG, BioGas and CNG applications
• NL and OIML documents
• Latest information from OIML (R81, R117, R137, R139) applications and new legislations (e.g. CNG/Hydrogen application)
• Differences between flow and batch measurement
• How are the dispensers tested in the lab and under field conditions?
• Requirements for software (WELMEC 7.2)
• Preparation for type test (module B)

If you would like to discuss specific topics, please contact us beforehand.

Duration: 1 day
Level: Secondary / higher vocational education
Language: English or Dutch
Maximum number of participants: 14
Minimum number of participants: 6

Location : NMi Delft

Investment: EUR 795 per person, excluding VAT, including course documentation, lunch and refreshments.

Please note that this concerns a theoretical training, we cannot give any practice exersises because NMi itself does not have test facility for LNG and other liquids.

For further information you can contact us at or +31 (0)88 636 2332.