NMi – officially designated a Certification Body for FNN MeKo

NMi Officially Designated a Certification Body for German FNN Specifications

20 December 2021

NMi Certin is proud to be officially designated as Certification Body for the organisation Forum Network Technology (FNN) of the VDE in Germany. Together with multiple expert teams, FNN has created several local requirements for e.g. smart utility meters, data communication and Smart Meter Gateways.

As a Certified Body for FNN, NMi is authorized to carry out conformity assessments based on the FNN specifications. At positive results, manufacturers of those instruments are allowed to apply a specific quality mark on their products.

We are incredibly pleased with this achievement. Official designation as Certification Body for FNN specifications will strengthen the NMi Certin footprint and broadens our testing and calibration capabilities. This official designation is a highly complementary and exciting opportunity for NMi to both expand our capabilities and strengthen our offerings in Germany.

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