Manufacturers given another year to comply with UKCA mark

NMi. Your partner for meeting UKCA requirements

The UK government gave manufacturers an extra year to comply with post-Brexit product safety marking rules after pressure from business groups.

Manufacturers had faced a 1 January 2022 deadline to switch from Europe’s CE mark to the new UK conformity assessed (UKCA) standard for most products. However, recognising the impact of the pandemic on manufacturers, the UK Government will extend its deadline for compliance to 1 January2023.

This comes as a welcomed reprieve to manufacturers present in both British and EU markets who face having to apply two distinct processes, given the UK standard will not apply on the continent.

To support our customers in both the EU and UK markets post-Brexit, NMi Certin has established a UK office and will soon provide UKCA services (in addition to CE services from our offices in Europe) for non-automatic weighing instruments covered by NAWID and measuring instruments covered by MID.

What does that mean for you?

  • One stop shop for CE and UKCA markings
    NMi will be an approved body in both the EU27 and the UK, and can work with you on the required conformity assessment procedures to ensure you meet secure permission for use of both CE and UKCA markings well before the new 1 January 2023 deadline.
  • Dual CE and UKCA markings requirements
    Whilst the requirements between the CE and UKCA marking currently remain the same from a technical perspective, the UKCA certification must be recognized as a standalone national system. On that basis, NMi will therefore complete standalone UKCA and/or CE evaluations. When a submission is found to meet requirements, NMI will then issue a new 10 year Type Examination Certificate (TEC), documentation folder and evaluation report, signed off by NMi Certin for EU marking, or the NMi UK Office for UKCA markings.
  • Time to completion
    This depends on numerous factors.
    1. When you already have a valid EU-TEC from NMi the conversion to a TEC valid for the UK is only paperwork and will take approximately three weeks.
    2. When there is no EU-TEC in place a full investigation needs to be performed. This may take four or more weeks depending on the test scope.

Whether you wish to participate in all or any of the EU, UK, or Northern Ireland markets, NMi Certin continues to work hard to help you preserve access.

Need more help?
NMi Certin is here to answer your questions and help you with both UKCA and CE markings. For more information and guidance deciphering the best path to certification for your business, contact us today.