Training course: EVHI MID gasapplication

Training course

EVHI MID gasapplication

Date: TBD 2022
Location: on-line

The open refresher course contains all relevant regulations for EVHIs. Important components are the European MID Directive, the National Regulations and the Standard EN 12405 for EVHIs. See below for a complete overview of the course components.

Who is it intended for?

  • Developer MID module B.
  • Measurement engineer MID module D
  • measurement technician accredited inspector.


Contents general course:

  • New directive 2014/32 / EU (MID): Scope, Essential requirements, Annex B, D, MI-002.
  • New Decree on measuring instruments and market participants.
  • Regulation on the use and installation of EU measuring instruments.
  • Regulations for Approved Inspectors.
  • Metrological Marking Regulations.


Content EVHI course:

  • NEN EN 12405-1: 2005 + A2 2010 (Standard for EVHIs).
  • EVHIs in general – explanation of algorithms, (environmental) temperature influences, gas pressure, air pressure, installation method, software (validation), standards used, measurement uncertainty, etc.
  • Transitional regulations (approval / rejection criteria – method of sealing)
  • Inspection in practice Course material:
  • Documentation.
  • Sheets.


Number of participants:

Maximum 12 participants, minimum 6 participants.



  • Language course: Dutch.
  • Length of the course: the training will consist of 2 sessions of approximately 3 hours spread over 2 days. An (optional) exam will be taken on-line a few days later (9 November)
  • Level of the course: MBO / HBO.
  • Basic knowledge: basic metrology.
  • Location: Online
  • Open registration price: € 795.00 excluding VAT
  • Including course documentation.

Interest? Send a (non-binding) registration email to: