Can I transfer my NMO Module D to an NMi Module D?

Yes, this is possible. NMi will review the latest audit report issued by NMO. NMi will continue with the scheduled audit dates from NMO as much as possible.

Does this include UKCA?

If you currently have a Module D from NMO we can transfer that to a Module D for the UK, so it will cover UKCA. Additionally, we can transfer it to a module D for the EU as well to cover the CE marking for the EU and Northern Ireland. In that case you will get two certificates.

Does this also include Weights and Measures Act Section 11a certification?

No. An Article 11A certification can only be obtained from OPSS. They probably will take an audit report from NMi into account for this certification. NMi is currently working to update our accreditation to guarantee that OPSS will take our audit reports into account for the Article 11A certification.