Training course: Setting up an e-mark system

Training course

Training course: Setting up an e-mark system

Date: 18-19 March 2020

Duration: 2 days
Level: Intermediate/higher vocational education
Language: Dutch
Maximum number of participants: 12
Minimum number of participants: 6
Investment: EUR 1395 per person, excluding VAT, including training documentation, lunch and refreshments.
Optional test: EUR 175 per person, excluding VAT.


• European Union Directive, Dutch Commodities Act / Quantity Indication Decree
• Role of NMi, VWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority), Verispect

Filling lines
• Characteristics of filling lines
• Filling on the basis of weighing, volume, time, number

Measuring instruments
• Density, packaging material and pre-packaging
• Software (identification/approval)
• Calibration / maintenance contract

Collection of measurements
• Density, pre-packaging and packaging material
• Random sample size and frequency

Processing measurements
• Calculating volume
• Measurement uncertainty

Assessment of measurements
• Average, TU1 exceeded, TU2 exceeded
• Quarantining, rectification, reassessment and release

Recording measurements and personnel instructions
• Administration
• Personnel instructions