C-Smart Partnership

C-Smart Partnership

Recently, Netherlands based company NMi Certin BV, a private company, owned by First Dutch Innovations and TNO (Dutch Innovation Centre) and USA based company C-SMART Analytics, a division of WESTERN ENERGY SUPPORT & TECHNOLOGY have come to a distribution agreement. NMi now is the distributor for C-Smart’s products and services in Europe. Strengthening the existing, informal relationship between the two companies.


C-Smart’s proprietary hardware is a unique enabler for enhanced, remote diagnostics on complete measuring systems in the Oil & Gas, chemical and process industry. As such, it aligns with both companies’ strategic view on digitalisation, Industry 4.0 and IoT. Users of the service will experience operational and financial benefits commonly associated with mismeasurement, metrological maintenance and metering system downtimes, ultimately improving their balances to best in class level.

With on-site disruptions being kept to an absolute minimum, and its stand-alone capabilities to the maximum, C-Smart’s hardware and services offer easy access to the Operational Excellence the industry needs so badly.


With this partnership, NMi extends its service portfolio further into digitalisation. For both companies, this partnership signifies an increased exposure and footprint. One plus one equals three in this case, as ultimately the C-Smart users will benefit most from this arrangement.

About NMi Certin

NMi is the leading independent specialist for testing, inspection, certification and training in the field of
measuring instruments. NMi a private company, owned by First Dutch Innovations and TNO (Dutch Innovation Centre) focuses on metrology services, training, and certification of product quality systems.

About WEST

Western Energy Support & Technology, Inc., established in 1992, is a holding company for CEESI, Flow Systems, C-SMART Analytics, Graftel, and L-K Industries – all leading contributors to the fluid flow measurement industry. The WEST family of companies provides industry-leading expertise in calibration, sampling, consulting, communication, and manufacturing. More at WestEnergyTech.com.