Our laboratories guarantee the shortest and best turnaround time for rapid market access for your product.
NMi has various laboratories, in different countries, with endless possibilities.

Netherlands (Delft)

kWh lab
AR lab
Oil & Gas lab

In the Oil & Gas lab various tests are performed on the equipment under test. Typical tests are:

  • Climatic tests on calculators, flowcomputers/EVCD’s and small flowmeters;
  • Conversion tests according API standards;
  • Various tests on Temperature and Pressure transmitters;
  • Gas testing on Gas Chromatographs.
EMC lab

In the EMC lab we perform Immunity testing on various equipment, like weighing scales, energy and meters. Typical tests which are performed are:

  • Radiated frequency immunity upto 6 GHz;
  • Current injection (conducted disturbances induced by radio-frequency fields);
  • ESD/EFT-Burst/Surge/Voltage dips, interruptions et;
  • Automotive testing for ISO763.
Electricity meter lab

In this lab electricity meters are examined, as well as power quality instruments and PMD’s. Typical tests are:

  • Accuracy related tests;
  • Influence quantities, for temperature, frequency, voltage, harmonics;
  • Disturbances, like magnetic field fields, short-time overcurrents, 2-150 kHz disturbances;
  • Safety related tests, like dielectric tests, IP testing, glowwire and heating tests.
Mobility lab

The tests that are important in the Mobility industry that we provide are:

  • Climatic tests on Speedmeters, breath analysers, taximeters;
  • Extra large climate chamber for speed meters and ANPR testing;
  • Vibration testing (for eg onboard vehicle equipment);
  • In house testing with calibrated gas mixtures (breath analysers);
  • Functional testing of non standard equipment.
Weighing lab

In the Weighing lab various tests are performed on the equipment under test. Typical tests are:

  • Climatic tests on loadcellls, Nawi’s, AWI’s, and multidimensionals and indicators;
  • Static and dynamic weighing performance tests (also for Class 1 scales);
  • Deadweight testing bench (up to 240 KN);
  • Extra large climate chamber for filling machines and Multidimensinals and AWI’s;
  • Vibration testing for vehicle mounted weighing systems;
  • Durations testing of nawi’s (100.000 loads);
  • Functional testing of non standard equipment.
Gas meter lab

In this laboratory gas meters are examined, for both residential and industrial applications. Typical tests are:

  • Accuracy related tests, while using air and various other gases;
  • Influence quantities, for temperature and pressure;
  • Disturbances, like perturbation tests, acoustic noise interferences and contaminants tests;
  • Tests related to the meters housing, like mishandling, vibration and shocks, connections, solar radiation;
  • Durability and ageing testing.

Germany (Merseburg)

Communication and data security test lab

This laboratory is intended for testing of various aspects of data communication and data security. Typical tests are:

  • Communication testing of smart meters and Smart Meter Gateways;
  • Penetration testing
  • Data security testing
  • Internet of things, testing of LoRaWAN devices and wM-BUS